Can I drive the bus?


Why not?

C'mon, dude, Really?
She is our sweet bus and the center of the business. Its not worth the risk. Her engine is original and almost 50 years old. Besides, you probably don't know how to drive stick. Also insurance and legal stuff wont let us.

Where did you get Ann the Van?

This is an epic story. It needs its own web page.  I am working on it.


Where are you located?

We live in the the oldest city in the US, beautiful St. Augustine, Fl.  You should come visit.

Does the bus need power?

Yes. It needs to have two standard house outlets that cannot be shared with anyone else.  110v 15 amp, 3 prong outlet within 50 feet of the bus. How else are we going to take pictures and blast Justin Bieber?  "Baby Baby Baby ohhhhh"

My event is indoors, can we bring the bus inside?

It mostly depends on the venue and size of event. But yes, we can, the bus is 7ft tall and 68 inches wide and she has a heart of gold. She like slow drives by the beach and candle lit dinners. swipe right swipe right!!
Current indoor capable venues: The Parlor Room, The Renaissance at World Golf Village, The Glass Factory

Can I meet Ann the Van before the event?

Sure! We set up at many public events in St Augustine. We can be found at the First Friday Art Walk, The Night Market at the Amphitheater, and many more. Send us an email or message us on Instagram @vanagram.co.

Can you personalize the prints?

Yes! We would love to. We do keep our website address on the prints, but you are more than welcome to create a design, logo , or add text. Please provide this at least 30 days in advance. I am not going to stay up the night before adding Gryffindor to your Harry Pottery themed wedding.

Do you travel?

St. Augustine is our home and base of operations and will service the immediate area at no additional cost. We are down to travel most anywhere. Depending on availability and time frame of the event there may be a destination fee.